Frequently Asked Questions:

  Q:  Why did you close Bangkok Thai and open Boda?

  A:  We bought Bangkok Thai from a previous owner and while running it continued offering the same menu and using the same recipes as the previous owner. After opening our second restaurant, the Green Elephant, in 2007 we experienced how rewarding it was to open a restaurant from the ground up. Boda is the Thai restaurant we want to offer Portland that is 100% our vision. We are introducing our current customers to an eating culture of Thailand with a whole new taste , variety, and experience of Thai food.

  Q:  What kind of food do you serve at Boda?

  A:  We serve "very Thai" food, with a focus on street vendor specialties and home-style cooking. We have skewers from our grill bar, beer, wine and a full bar. By "very Thai" we mean our food is very authentic, opposed to being an Americanized version of Thai food. Our food is the Thai food that Thai people eat in Thailand, from inside people's homes to the market and vendor options prepared across the streets of Thailand.

  Q:  Why is your menu so small?

  A:  Authentic Thai cuisine requires a lot of ingredients and preparation. Each dish prepared takes a lot of time and love to make just right. We want to offer the best quality dish possible, and therefore we are keeping our menu small, and changing it more frequently. We are offering as much of a selection and variety as possible.

  Q:  Do you do take-out?

  A:  Sorry, we do not do take-out. We want everyone to enjoy our food fresh and prepared correctly on the plate. It is designed to be eaten straight away with much care put into its preparation.

  Q:  Are there vegetarian options?

  A:  Yes. We have many small plates and skewers that are vegetarian/vegan. We also have vegetarian entree options that are noted on the menu. If there are not enough choices for you, please try our sister restaurant "the Green Elephant" that serves an entire vegetarian menu just down the street!

  Q:  Do you have gluten free food?

  A:  Yes. Please ask your server. There are dishes that have no gluten in its ingredients. Please note that ingredients containing gluten are used in the preparation of food items in our facilities.

  Q:  Tell me more about your late-night menu and bar.

  A:  We serve food and drinks until 1am! We have a full bar and an excellent cocktail menu, with choices inspired by Asian fruit and herbs, as well as a new take on some classics. We offer beer and wine, and a great late-night food menu from our kitchen and skewer bar. We also offer dessert cocktails, french press coffee, teas and espresso beverages.

  Q:  Do you take reservations?

  A:  Sorry, we are not taking reservations. Please just come in.

  Q: Do you have parking?

  A:  Yes! Parking is next to Joe's Smokeshop just next door.

  Q:  Do you take credit cards?

  A:  Yes, all major credit cards are accepted. Sorry, we don't take checks.